Thursday, January 31, 2013

Learn New Testament Greek

Hardcover Book by John Dobson

This book is acclaimed as "very good" for the beginner; it is easy to understand. The 52 lessons are short and do not take too much time to study. Want to be able to read meaningful verses from the Greek New Testament after just one hour of study? In this comprehensive and helpful guide, John Dobson uses a highly effective teaching method to introduce readers to New Testament Greek.

The third edition includes accented Greek and updated information. The book is accompanied by an audio CD-ROM. The author promises that by the end of this 52-lesson course, students "will be able to read much of the New Testament without the constant reference to a dictionary." They will also have a grasp of the structure of the Greek language and its grammar, an ability to use commentaries that refer to the Greek text, and growing skills as translators. -- From the back cover of the book.

One reader, who claims to have known nothing about Greek before obtaining this book, reports that within 30 minutes after he began reading he had memorized the Greek alphabet. Within 15 days he states that he was reading Greek paragraphs with ease.


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