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Links to Bible Students' Sites

The following are links to various sites owned by Bible Students (including individual personal ministries as well as congregations and/or other publishing entities) who,  as far as we can tell, believe that Jesus provided a ransom sacrifice for all who died in Adam, and that all will either be brought to a knowledge of the truth in this age, or in the age to come. We have also included some other links that are noted as not being sites owned by Bible Students, but which provide some information that may be of interest to Bible Students. If you have a site that you would like to be listed here, please contact us in the comments form below. Also, please let us know if you have found any links that have changed, or are no longer active.

Convention/Conference Listings
Listings from the Dawn Bible Students Association
Milwaukee Bible Students

Sermons/Discourses Online (Mostly MP3)

Phoenix Bible Students - Audio Recordings, mostly from conventions.
Audio Sermons -- A large selection of audios from past conventions and meetings.

Links To Sites

Except for a few exceptions as noted, the owners of the following sites, as far we know, believe in the “ransom for all” as generally understood by Bible Students world-wide. There are various interpretations presented on the details, however, to which we believe Christians should seek to practice love toward our brothers in these matters, rather than to withdraw fellowship from each other.
Associated Bible Students of Central Ohio – “Endtimes” newsletter online – many Bible topics discussed online – free subscription to newsletter.

Beauties of the Truth A monthly journal published as a forum of sriptural viewpoints thought to be in harmony with God’s Plan of the Ages.
Bible Research - Mostly audio materials: hymns, sermons, Bible, audio books, etc.

Bible Fellowship Union – Publishes the journal, “Bible Study Monthly”. Current and past issues are online.

Bible Student Chronology - Appears to be works by various authors who support the chronology that Russell presented.

Bible Students Online Associated Bible Students, Bridgewater, NJ
Bible Today Oakland County Bible Students — Free Newsletter. Studies in the Scriptures Online. Photo Drama of Creation Online. Correspondence Course. Special Section on Revelation. Lots of information and links
Bible Truth Keys Hartford Bible Students - Dutch
Christian Believers Fellowship -- Somersworth, NH
Christian Questions – Online archive of radio broadcasts.
Dawn Bible Students Association – publishes “The Dawn” magazine – magazine is also online; also includes the following: French – l’Aurore // Dutch – Der Tagesanbruch // Spanish – El Alba
Epifania (Bible Standard - Polish)
Faithbuilders Fellowship - This site contains issues of the magazine edited by David Rice.
Faithbuilder's Fellowship Library - Writings of Gilbert Rice.
Fort Worth Bible Students publish the Divine Plan magazine – archive online; Studies in the Scriptures online; online videos, audios
Frederick Lardent's Works in - Frederick Lardent was associated with the Bible Students while Charles Taze Russell was living. In the 1920s, he remained with the Bible Students as he rejected the new organization that Rutherford created that came to be called "Jehovah's Witnesses."
God's Plan for Today -- Miami Bible Students
Harvest Truth - Site appears to not be working properly (6/24/2011)
He Leadeth Me – Offers Holy Plan of the Generations in Hebrew, and many free booklets. Online Home Bible Study Course using the Divine Plan of the Ages.
Jay Ensley’s Religion Page — Bible studies on various topics
Millennial Morning – A Ministry of the Associated Bible Students of Jersey City, New Jersey. Offers a free subscription to “Millennial Morning” newsletter. Conventions – MP3 files of past conventions
Movemento Missionario Epifania (Bible Standard - Brazil)
North Seattle Bible Students – This site has the “Studies in the Scriptures” online
Pastoral Bible Institute – Publishes “The Herald of Christ’s Kingdom” — magazine is also online. The Bible Students Library 2 Free Download of scores of books for the popular On-Line Bible
PLEASE NOTE: There are many more web sites being sponsored by Bible Students world-wide. For more lists, click on the following links:

Bible Students Forums/Mailing Lists
Bible Students Forum (Rolando Rodriguez)
Bible Students 144 (Michael Sandt)
Berean Study Group (Peggy Chambers)
Christians For Truth (Michael Sandt)
Greek Theology – This group is moderated by one of the JWs, but should be of interest to Bible Students.
Pioneers of Jehovah’s Witnesses Board – Another board supplied by one of the JWs, but the content should be of interest to Bible Students. Historical material relating to George Storrs, Henry Grew, George Stetson, Jonas Wendell, Nelson Barbour and Other 19th century religious “Pioneers”, who are discussed in the Proclaimers Book and other Watchtower publications, as “Influencers” of Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society.
Present Truth Forum – Discussing God’s Divine Plan of the Ages and more.

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Various Views on Bible Chronology

Views by Bible Students