Saturday, January 19, 2013

Some General Statements About the Bible

The word "Bible" is derived from a Greek word that is often transliterated as "biblia". That Greek word itself simply means "little books", and, as such, does not actually mean "Bible" as that word is used today.

However, this latter meaning is based on the earlier meaning that came to be attributed to the 66 books that we today call the "Holy Bible". Those books are viewed by Christians of many denominations as being the "authority" for religious instruction and doctrine.

We join with these in the belief that the Bible is indeed the central "authority" to which every Christian should look for spiritual guidance. Many who do not understand the Bible or the message of the Bible often denigrate the Bible as being unscientific, full of contradictions and absurdities.

We believe, however, that the Bible, although not meant to teach matters that we generally call "science", when properly understood and appreciated, will be found to be in harmony the actual facts of creation.

We also believe that most, if not all, alleged contradictions are the result of (1) misunderstanding of what is being said, (2) mistranslations, or  (3) errors of copyists.

We know that the Bible contains a harmonious theme, begun with the disobedience and fall of man in Genesis, and the promise of a deliverer who would restore man back to what was lost in the Garden of Eden.

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