Sunday, January 27, 2013

Herald Site Resources

One of the resources that I use a lot is that provided on a site by the publishers of "The Herald of Christ's Kingdom" magazine. On their homepage, one can find links to the current issue of the Herald online, as well as a MP3 audio version of the current issue.

On main feature of the site is that it contains an online version of the "Bible Students Library", where one can find onlne Bibles, resources of children, Bible commentaries, Christian devotional materials (daily texts and comments, poems, hymns, anecdotes, etc.), Bible dictionaries, Christian history and much more.

Additionally, on the side of the homepage, one can find links to:

Past Issues of the Herald

Free literature - One can order copies of these booklets, but they are also available online.

Topically Arranged Christian Literature Online

The Bible Student's Library DVD

An online version of James Parkinson's Revised Version Corrected and Improved.

Below is a form by which one may search the Herald site:

only search the Herald Site

Bible Dictionaries from Amazon

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